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A good Master of Ceremony (MC) who is professional does not attempt to do two jobs at once, that’s being greedy and this will affect ones performance and ruin ones reputation. A professional MC does not take people for granted, since there are a lot of MC’s around and even cheaper ones and appreciates the fact that is a special reason why the clients choose him or her on their special day so he or she aims to do justice in executing his/her task by giving the clients value for their money.

 A good MC should be on the venue before everyone and lives the venue after every one has left. If one gets to the venue earlier than everyone else he/she has the advantage of familiarising with the venue and map up key areas like the rest rooms, the feeding points, arrange where everyone should sit and plan who is going to sit where. Getting early enables the MC to do the sound check and plan with the DJ or Band, lease with the decorating person and to know the rules of the venue so that MC will then guide the attendees well after agreeing with each and every stakeholder. 

master of ceremony

Furthermore a good MC should be the last person to leave the wedding venue because as the coordinator should make sure that everyone has secured transport to go back home and make sure that all the announcements are made and everyone is clear. This is controversial but it’s the wedding owners who will release the MC after their satisfied with the event. An ethical MC always make efforts to do an evaluation with key stockholders of the wedding so that he/she hears what they feel about the service offered and remains objective in this whole process. 

They is a tendency by some people who have some experience of being  MC’s on many weddings to not pay attention to the specific request of their clients they just do their thing their own way without consulting key people. Look here a principled MC appreciates that every wedding is unique and deserves a different approach, a good MC is flexible pays attention to the specific interest of the clients and audience. Furthermore a good MC should be well groomed should speak clearly and loudly, should be confident, appropriately dressed and be very humble yet assertive.

Lastly superb MC is innovative and creative and knows what to say, when to say it and how to say it. The key is not to be all over the place and speak a lot. MC’s of valour gives the people their quality time to dance and jubilate. A good MC appreciates that he or she is just a facilitator not the main reason why the people would have gathered for, so gives room for the actual people who are wedding to get all the praise and attention since they are the main actors in on the wedding film.  

Below is a checklist that can be used by clients who are in the process of looking for a good MC for the wedding. When rated on a scale of 15, if the prospective MC scores less than 10 please avoid hiring that individual.

Check list of choosing an MC

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