In these recent times being a master of ceremony can earn one a very good living. Many people have taken this task seriously up to the extent that they earn a reasonable income out of being an MC. Although the practises and levels of professionalism and efficiency differ from one individual to the other most individuals in this business claim that they are good and there are the best in town. You can easily see this by the tittles they give themselves presenting themselves as superstars using titles such as Director of Ceremony, Munhu Chaiye, Professor, Doctor, Baba so and so or Uncle so and so thereby earning themselves  an identity which makes them stand out from others.

On the clients side most people want to hire someone who will entertain them at the same time covering all the proceedings on their programme well. But the question that always pops up in the minds of most clients is, What really makes a good MC?. Today I will unpack this statement by defining a good MC first and the characteristics that make up one so that prospective clients will not waste their money engaging someone who will mess up their wedding.

A master of ceremony (MC) on a wedding is someone who coordinates all the process that take place before the wedding, during the wedding and a few hours after the wedding. A Master of ceremony directs proceedings but does not dictate. He or she is the overhaul overseer of the wedding and makes sure that everything goes according to plan. Moreover a master of ceremony should be in control of all the activities on the wedding assigning duties to different people in a respectful way not to shout at people.  His or her role is to make sure that all the activities that are lined out on the programme are done on time.

An excellent MC has to create a celebrating environment, and create the mood conducive to have fun this can be done by making jocks, dancing and interacting with the audience in a joyful way. Here there is a tendency to try too much by many MC’s. It is of paramount importance to note that they is a degree that one has to observe in all these efforts to make the audience feel good, too many jocks will spoil the fun at the same time the nature of jocks is equally important dirty or mischievous jocks will certainly turn off many people. The wedding atmosphere should be comfortable and relaxing to everyone present.

Master of Ceremony

A well organised MC understands that it’s his or her duty to do proper research on the people who are wedding, he or she attends at list two of their planning and makes efforts to know his or her audience, their likes and dislikes, their religion, cultural norms and values. An exceptional MC can even go an extra mile by knowing even their totems and where they come from, believe you me this will help the MC to deliver a perfect job. A good MC makes sure that he or she knows all the service providers that will offer services on the actual day and engages constructively with them. A professional MC engages with the clients well before the wedding in crafting the wedding programme with time frames and takes time to be well versed with the programme activities.